Wednesday, September 06, 2006

10 Things To Do Before I Die...

OK it was really slow in the library last night so I played Dan's game.... kinda.

Before I Die I Want To:

  1. Write the great American novel, or better yet, an incomprehensible "experimental" novel that will cause me to be hailed as a genius in my lifetime.
  2. Take flying lessons, possibly even in a plane.
  3. Take scuba lessons so I can swim in the coral reef in Australia before it's gone.
  4. Become an Archaeologist, go on a dig and carry a whip, or maybe just carry a whip.
  5. Go bowling in Canada
  6. Learn enough Spanish so that the next time I go to Honduras I can have an actual conversation with the cute Latin hottie.
  7. Fall in love and live happily ever after with (without actually dating) a hot guy who treats me like the princess I am or, option 2: become the crazy (better make that eccentric) lady on the corner with the cats.
  8. Have 7 kids or 17 cats, or possibly not any of the above.
  9. Live in another country for a year in a quirky house with charming sidekicks who adopt me and show me the "real" country or, go visit friends for an extended visit and have them give me the short version.
  10. Sing Karaoke (hey, I have an awesome voice, I just have an irrational fear of Karaoke.)

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