Thursday, September 21, 2006

I need ice cream

Preferably chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream because I am puny today. Unfortunately, the people who would be most willing to bring it to me are the ones that infected me so I doubt that they are feeling like running around bringing people ice cream at the moment. This is what I get for going off to concerts with married men.

I am not getting my book read for tonight and am probably going to have to ask my coworker to take over for me. Luckily she is really good at faking reading the book. I can never tell when she hasn't read it. In order to feel like I am making sense when I talk about a book I have to have read it. I have been waking up, reading a few pages and then falling back asleep. I am sure it is a lovely book since it won major awards but I can't seem to stay awake. It was Dirt Music by Tim Winton.

Mom called at around midnight to let me know she made it to Baltimore and that my uncle is back out of surgery and is somewhat stable for now.

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