Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I am getting a roommate. After a couple of years with no raise at either job, rising costs of, well, everything and a deep desire to stop working the second job at some point in my future is making me get more serious about financial planning. So I have been on a mad cleaning spree to get the house ready for her arrival and a few things have become apparent.

1. I have a very small wardrobe of clothes that are in good repair, fit right and are not dull as dishwater. My favorite person to swap clothes with could not attend my latest clothing/stuff (some silly excuse about now living in Iowa) and so I didn't net much in the way of goodies this time around. My apathy about shopping, my lack of non-work free time, my lack of enthusiasm for current clothing trends (really, who looks good in a blouse shaped like a bubble?) and my small budget have contributed to this sorry state.

2. I do not have one working flashlight in this house. This seems odd to me given my father and sister's obsession with buying family members flashlights. Does this mean they don't love me as much as they do each other? I mean I know Grandma and my nephew outrank me in the lifeboat but really, I am beginning to think I will be the first to get tossed if the boat starts to sink.

3. On the other hand, I have not been able to match the number of books going out of this house with the number of books coming in. This is a cardinal rule in the library business. Buy a new book, something has to go. I have not been a good steward of my bookshelf resources so I have boxed up a bunch and off they will go to the library booksale, the Half Price store or a womens shelter somewhere nearby.

4. I also seem to have a large number of large stockpots (just in case). If they weren't such good quality I would definitely donate them but I am waffling. Waffling when weeding is very unlike me so I am assuming I have developed an unhealthy attachment to stockpots. I may be seeking mental health help soon.

5. Three is a lot of cats. When the roommate comes there will be four. The good news is this means that I will no longer be the crazy cat lady because, while I have doubled the number of people, I have not doubled the number of cats. Now there are only two cats per person in my household. (Fosters don't count since they are only visiting.) Another sign I am not a crazy cat lady yet...I have also not resorted to creating cat hair sculpture in an effort to get a new Furminator like some people I know cough...Average Jane. Not that I wouldn't consider it. Those things are awesome but not exactly on my new finance conscious budget.

6. I found two rings I loved hidden in a kitchen cabinet. I remember taking them off before I went to Honduras four years ago and hiding them "somewhere a robber wouldn't look for them" if I was burgled while I was gone. Apparently I picked a good place because I certainly couldn't find them. On the other hand, if burglers wanted my 10 year old TV bad enough to drag it out of the house without my 90 year old neighbor noticing they were welcome to it.

7. I am going back to a world with cable in it, assuming the engineers cam find my house since I do not exist in the UVerse world. The new roommate seems to care about cable so in it goes. I am not that excited about it creeping back into my world but I am excited about wifi'ing up the house and having access to the Intertubez again.

That is it for now. Anyone else spring cleaning and if so, can I come shop at your house?
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