Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

I decided to try going in to work today. I am feeling a little bit better and since I hadn't actually arranged for a sub this seemed like the right thing to do. I brought work to do from my other job but will probably play on myspace creating new backgrounds to try out. So far the three I have tried seem to have equal numbers of yes and no votes. Obviously, no matter what anyone else likes or doesn't like, I am going to pick my favorite in the end but it doesn't hurt to get feedback.

Good news: I now have a good alternate ice cream provider once my current one moves to Switzerland. My cousin just moved down the street, relatively speaking, and has a sister so I am pretty sure he will be able to understand things like bringing ice cream to sick women. (and yes, I see the pun)

My uncle is doing much better. For a couple of days the doctors didn't think his chances were very good. Today he turned that corner and it looks like he will be ok although the hospital is not going to let him out until they are pretty sure that no other setbacks will occur. Mom called me today to find out what to do while she is in Baltimore. If she had more time I would have her check out my old library and say hi to my former boss.

Between worrying about that and work I was pretty beat tonight. I ended up coming home and falling asleep on the coach for a couple of hours. I can't believe how much this cold (or plague or whatever) has taken out of me. I just hope it rains tomorrow so I don't have to think about mowing. I still feel like I could sleep for a year.

God I am tired of thinking about mowing.

I think in my eternal quest for friends I just hit the prostitution section of myspace. Wow. There are a whole lot of services here in my hometown. I have no idea how I managed to not see any of these before today.

I don't think this is related to the prostitutes but I just had one of those headaches hit that feels like I need to drill a hole in my head to get it to stop hurting. (yes I am aware that I should not drill a hole in my head.) Lately I feel like I have to spell out all my little jokes otherwise I get people emailing me saying things like "I think the guy who invented chocolate is dead"

What does it mean when I put on Rob Zombie and the kitten comes running? Of course he also comes running when those smiley faces start talking but that could mean the same thing.

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