Friday, September 08, 2006

Good News

My mom called. My uncle's surgery went really well. In fact, they had trouble finding the tumor. He isn't completely out-of-the-woods yet but this was much better news than we were expecting it to be.

I am still reading the Joyce Carol Oates. So far there are lots of girls getting killed by family members or strange men (who just happen along), people are suffering from weird mental illness and have deeply dysfunctional families. These seem to be the themes of many of her stories. As always, her works is imbued with a kind of southern Gothic creepiness even though she is not a Southern writer (had to look that up to be sure.)

In other news, I went from no friends on myspace to 17 potential friends in the space of about two hours. That isn't counting the people I actually knew (they got added). I quickly deleted a few of the, let us say, quirky ones and am sitting on the rest until I get a better feel for the place. I did find my nephew's but didn't want to embarrass him so I crept quietly away.

Oh yeah, hi to my sister in Zurich. I already got some chocolates, bring me back a bank account.

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