Sunday, October 27, 2013

Roommate Ad and Craigslist Comedy

I was writing up my ad for a roommate today and went to Craigslist for ideas. Here are a few of my favorites.... From the extremely specific: "I'm a disabled, older single lesbian looking for same to share my home with." or "You need to have a job and be cool and relaxed, smoke and 420 friendly." To the very broad: "I'm lookin for one clean cut individual to share my home with." To the frugal: "Must be full time employed or full time student, I don't want someone sitting around the house all day running up the electricity." This one seems a little shady: "Prefer single female with or without children. (I am a) Single male 42 5'10 140" I feel this one could have set her standards a bit higher: "i would prefer single female no drugs,alcoholics or mentally disturbed." And these are hard to resist: "I DO NOT NEED THE MONEY SO I WOULD NOT CHARGE FOR RENT OR UTILITIES. MIGHT THROW IN SOME FREE MEALS BUT I WANT A BF GF RELATIONSHIP" or "Can trade rent for home cleaning and services rendered." And the upscale version: "I am a recently separated, business executive in my early 40's, in great shape, clean and fun loving. I am considered very attractive, with little to no time for the meet and greet at the local bar scene. I would like to find a young, attractive female to share my evenings with, we would be friends with benefits, in exchange for free rent in a low stress environment." Shockingly, I will not be using any of these in my ad. Tempting as it is.