Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tonight I have to read a book for a Thursday night Young Friends of the Library book discussion group. Since I am the discussion leader it is probably a good idea to get the book read. Between that and mowing it is going to be a busy night.

Later that night: Yes I am blogging to keep from reading my book.

Well it's official. I just got an email inviting me to get in touch because I "am cuter than the average girls on this site". I have to let this one process a bit before I blog much about it but I am wondering who out there responds positively to this? Prettiest girl I have seen (there is a good statement) , better than average (not quite as great). There are so many other problems with this statement that I will have to explore later on but I do have a book to read.

One of my friends gets messages saying how pretty she looks or what a great smile she has and she has to point out that (apart from being married) she is a cartoon. I have this visual of guys sending out a form letter to every girl they can find. I wonder if I am cuter that my cartoon friend?

I have also noticed that putting down that you are on myspace for friends seems to means something very different to a guy than a girl. Apparently in guy speak this means that I am looking for no commitment relationships, not actual friends. I know it's crazy but when I put down friends I actually mean friends, you know, the kind I go shoe shopping with (see other blog for full rant on this subject) . I am not opposed to meeting someone to date although I initially joined myspace so my coworker would have friends and then to look up old classmates (who apparently are old fogies who don't believe that the Internet is real) and people I have lost touch with for no real reason, you know, friends.

My aunt called a while ago and said the my uncle has had complications from his surgery and is back at Johns Hopkins. He has peritonitis which is pretty serious. (I know I have been a reference librarian too long when I can spell that without having to look it up.) http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001335.htm

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