Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am over at UMKC today working at my part-time librarian job, I still haven't finished I Am A Strange Loop and since I don't have a book review ready for you I thought I would talk about one of my other book related obsessions at the moment. As you may know, I am on every social networking site known to man, the whole phenomenon utterly fascinates me and if I were still in grad school I would be doing my thesis on SN implications for libraries. Since I am not still in grad school I just look at it as work related play time. Anyway, my newest site that I have added to the mix is (I also have four or five music ones that I visit intermittently.)

Anyway, on goodreads all you do is rate books you have read, let your friends know what you are currently reading or want to read and talk about books. This is a more interactive site than which I am also on and the big plus of goodreads is there is no 100 book limit. I think I have rated around 500 but only 100 or so have actual reviews. Hey, don't judge, sometimes on Sunday nights the reference desk is a little slow. I need stuff to do and rating books seems like as good a task as anything. Not terribly productive but it does fill up the time nicely.

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