Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cheesemaking Made Easy by Ricki Carroll

I should be getting ready for work but instead felt the overwhelming need to blog about cheese. After reading several books about how food is produced I am pretty convinced that buying locally produced foods is better for the environment (not to mention supporting people in our community and small farm operations). This is all well-and-good in theory but putting it into practice is a bit more difficult. Cheese, for example. Most of the really fabulous cheese is produced far away from Kansas and Missouri so I decided to get a book recommended by Barbara Kingsolver in her newest book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life.

I am a fairly intelligent person who can read complete sentences and follow recipes but Cheesemaking Made Easy is a bit misleading. You need all kinds of special things apparently in order to make cheese. Thank goodness I have a friend who makes his own beer (last night's beer was yummy) who told me that many of the special items can be found at his beer making supply store. As soon as work settles down (and I have a chance to clean my house) I will try some of these and report back.

Oh yeah, I have ten more books to read before November 15th and all these fun party type activities that I want to participate in. Why did I want to be on a book award committee again?


Spyder said...

Great meeting you! Hope to see you at the next blogger gathering.

A Librarian said...

I will be there but I will probably leave the cheese at home:)

s.j.simon said...

did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident, read this