Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winterfest at the Library

I picked "Picture Wednesday" for my blogging schedule because I thought it would be an easy middle of the week post. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to remember to take pictures of anything interesting. Therefore I am going to pull a picture off my phone that was sent to Twitter last week. Here is a picture of the boss and another staff person dancing in Kirk Hall at the Central Library. (I did tell the boss I was twittering him.)

Several years ago the library decided to do away with the annual Christmas party and have something called Winterfest instead. The beauty of this approach is that you can schedule it for anytime that winter is occurring. Usually this event falls squarely on my birthday which always makes me a little cranky. This year it didn't happen until February, last Friday night to be precise. This year it didn't seem like as many staff attended which was a shame because the committee did a really nice job with the food and drinks this year. I did miss catching up with all the retirees who usually attend but it was still a nice evening.

Happy Winter everyone!

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