Tuesday, February 09, 2010

After the award committee...

I was going through my folders on Dropbox trying to free up space for new files and came across a blog post I had started with the title, "After the award committee". I had created it a few months ago as my time on the Notables committee was coming to an end.

I guess my list of all the things I was going to do to fill up my days will once again have to wait until "after the award committee". Please note that I did start taking some yoga classes so at least one item on the list is being accomplished.

Lately I have found myself uttering the words “when I am done with the award committee I am going to….” so I thought I would start a list.

  1. Learn Italian so that the next time I visit Italy I can flirt with the cute Italian boys.
  2. Take a cooking class so that I have a few new recipes. Since drifting back into vegetarianism I have gotten bored with my few basic recipes.
  3. Learn to knit or crochet or something crafty that can be turned into a good Christmas gift (to go along with the giant stacks of books I currently give out).
  4. Start taking yoga classes.
  5. Start a vegetable (or herb) garden.
  6. Sign up for the Master Gardener classes.

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