Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oscar Short Films

This weekend I went to the Tivoli for the 2010 Short Film Oscar showcase.

Here is my favorite animated short film:

My favorite live action short film was The Door (not a happy film). My friend almost fell out of her chair laughing at Instead of Abracadabra. Sadly, neither of these are online right now but you can download them from iTunes.

The next night I went to A Single Man and Nine. I really liked A Single Man, a story about a man distraught about the loss of his beloved partner, even though I ended up teary most of the way through the movie. Nine, on the other hand, was tedious. Maybe it was because I was a woman, the plot, man thinking about all of the women in his life and realizing he was messing them all up, was not at all to my taste.

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Catherine VandeVelde said...

We didn't watch the live action shorts, but "Granny O'Grimm" was my favorite animated short, too!!