Sunday, February 07, 2010

Room Rehab

This week my Mom came to visit and we completed one more item in the bedroom rehab project. Last time she was here we shopped for a new bedspread and repainted the bedroom a blue/gray color. This time, with the help of my fabulous handyman, we took on crown molding.

What we learned from this experience is that crown molding is hard and having a former professional was a must. We originally thought this was going to be a learning experience for us and that by the time we got around to another room we would be able to do it all by ourselves.

Hah! We might be able to do it ourselves IF we buy pre-made corner pieces. It took hours to get all the pieces just right. Taking the extra time paid off though because it looks fantastic now.

We still have a few pieces of furniture and lamps to buy, pictures to hang and a new light fixture to find but when it is done, it should look completely different. I just wish I had taken some "before" pictures.

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Anonymous said...

It's looking wonderful! It's nice to have a room refresh once in a while. We only have crown molding in our living & dining room. We're slowly putting up picture rail in all the bedrooms. It'll act as both a way to "finish" the look of the room as well as be useful for hanging artwork (our plaster walls seem to crumble if we try to nail anything in them!). I've heard crown molding is a lot more difficult because it's angled on the backside.