Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools!

Top 10 Places To Get Fooled on April 1st -

April Fools Day everyone! http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/top_10_places_to_get_fooled_on_april_1.php


Doc said...


not a joke - new Pullman book...

Spyder said...

Doc- taken from that book's description: "his hare daemon Hester".

Hare daemon????

Doc said...

spyder -

no worries - i am SURE your daemon would be a spider...

;' )

you don't have little girls running about, do you? bill pullman wrote a trilogy for children/young adults called His Dark Materials. here's a link to a good reference site -


the first book has been made into a movie, The Golden Compass, which has been foreshortened from the book but is still too advanced for Asta, who won't be 5 until later this spring.

but i've bought the trilogy in hardback and plan on doing the same with the dvds...should the whole work be filmed.

and i noted that A Librarian, besides posting dress-up cutouts for frisky book-worms, also has an excellant eye for scifi, so i thought she might be interested.

which, in retrospect, is kind of stupid because she probaly knew months ago it was coming out, isn't that right?

Spyder said...

Doc- Only kids around here are the 2 cats, 2 dogs, and the hubby Kanga.

"The Golden Compass" Ahhh Now I understand.

I'm sure you are right about A Librarian. But I'm sure she would encourage any & all conversation on any book.

A Librarian said...

Spyder is doing such an excellent job I don't even need to comment. I am going to though, just so you know I am paying attention:)

Doc said...


librarians ALWAYS pay attention...