Thursday, April 10, 2008

Duct Tape (repost from my other blog)

Today I continued my quest (in between meetings) to find a fun, easy craft for a library teen program. My problem is that I am not in a crafty mood so everything looks complicated and not very cute. I kept drifting back to the iPod case made out of Duct Tape but then I started to think. What if the teens don't have an iPod? Maybe their parents will only let them get an off brand mp3 player. What if, horror of horrors, they have NO mp3 player of any kind? So I started searching around on the web for something else to have as a back-up craft for those sad pathetic teens and found a whole website dedicated to making things out of Duct Tape. I know, I know. Will the awesomeness of our world never end? To see this magical place, follow the link to Duct Tape Guys.

As I was browsing the site it suddenly dawned on me that my gift purchasing woes are over. (Nephew's High School graduation, Dad's 75th birthday, much angst and trauma buying for boys who have everything) After all, my dad carried the handmade leather wallet I made for him in shop class around for years. I am sure he would love a wallet made out of Duct Tape. Right?


Spyder said...

All 3 links don't work.

A Librarian said...

Oooops...should work now:)

Nuke said...

Website of the month!