Monday, April 07, 2008


There is this fun little widget on Facebook that lets you take your Myers-Briggs test and then match it to all of your friends (or at least those who took the test). What is interesting is how many of my librarian friends are testing out to be INFJ. Considering it is "the most rare of all personality types" I find that kind of spooky. Not surprisingly (because it is also an INFJ trait to really bond with "our kind") they are some of my favorite people. Apart from the dating thing, I really like being an INFJ. We are a pretty great bunch of people:)

Now, I just have say it, ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!!!


Average Jane said...

I don't know that I want to splash my INTJ status all over Facebook, but it is always rather interesting to learn others' scores.

A Librarian said...

My Facebook page is relatively clean (apart from my vampire) since my boss is my friend on there. Luckily librarians can have some silly stuff on there because we are "learning" about the application.