Sunday, December 23, 2007

This is so cool..

Or it is if you are a geek like me. Who knew about this and didn't tell me????

"Stanford on iTunes U provides access to a wide range of Stanford-related digital audio content via the iTunes Store, Apple’s popular online music, video, and podcast service.

The project includes two sites:
a public site which includes Stanford courses, faculty lectures, event highlights, music, sports, and more.

an access-restricted site for the Stanford community which includes:
CourseWork-linked iTunes U sites for course-based materials
Stanford Community iTunes U for the entire campus community."

I am downloading Patrick Hunt's Hannibal lectures for free as an after-award committee treat.

Book Count for today: 45 1/2

Save the easily offended: ban everything.


Kanga said...

Which Hannibal? Barca, or the movie psycho? Hope it's the first one. I could listen to that. While you're reading pages full of words, I just finished up all the TPB's of the Y:The Last Man comics. Gender apocalypse, last-man-on-earth, but not the cliche guy fantasy I used to daydream about.

A Librarian said...

Somehow, I knew you would appreciate this:) Of course it is Hannibal #1 (Barca).

Tony said...

Hey, AWESOME BlOG local blog. I feel bad for not knowing earlier.

I'm linking.