Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Orleans and Beignet

One of my friends just got back from one of my top ten cities. I love New Orleans. I would go every year if I could.

The last time I went was a year or so after the Hurricane so I am anxious to find out how her trip was. Anyway, on her blog Kansas City Daily Photo she did a post about beignet and I started to comment but the comment got longer than her post. At that point I realized that I too have a blog and could actually write about beignet to my heart's content:)

The first time I visited NOLA I fell in love with beignet, after all, who doesn't love fried bread? OK, there are a few health freaks out there who "say" that it doesn't taste good to them but I say pooh on them! So, I did the research and now can make perfect beignet. It actually isn't that hard now that every specialty food store in KC sells the one and only Cafe DuMonde beignet mix. (I can do it from scratch too, but why bother?) The only thing I am lacking is a Fry Baby although an old pan works great. Since I am generous I will share my secret recipe with the world by directing you to the official Cafe DuMonde website http://www.cafedumonde.com/beignetdemo.html

I am so jealous of my friend. Hmmmm....maybe she wants to go back with me for my 40th?


Andy said...

I really want to visit New Orleans. Will probably wait a couple years to make the journey.

A Librarian said...

You should go now AND later. It's addictive.

Spyder said...

OK maybe beignets should be what you bring Dec 1st to Dan's.

A Librarian said...

There will definitely be a dessert offering to the god of beer but I am not sure how well beignet will hold up. Never fear, I have some other super sweet possiblities.

Waldo Oiseau said...

You betcha, let's plan on it!! .. Wait, when is your birthday?

I will plan to come over for beignets, and I'll bring the chicory coffee!

And, Andy, why wait? You can go there on a budget quite easily!