Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Weekend

This weekend was jam packed with activities.  On Friday night I ran home after work to spend some time with Daisy, Catherine's dog, who periodically spends some time at my house.  We usually have a good time but it does tend to break her heart that my cats emphatically refuse to play with her.  After I spent some time with Daisy I headed down to RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack to join @sjwaters, @c_giffin and Mary Ann for some famous BBQ and music and to say hey to Twitter_Adverse_Dave. Seriously, they were just on KCPT's Check, Please! and I believe they are due to appear on Diners, Drive in's & Dives soon. They are now famous....and packed with people. Afterwards, we headed to the driveway to drink wine in front of the fire pit.

Saturday I got up early to go to yoga class with Average Jane and then out for crepes. Then I rushed home so I could walk Daisy. Unfortunately, by the time I got home it had started pouring down rain so poor Daisy just hung out with me while I got the house ready for company. At around one, some of my favorite people came over to play the board game Dune with me. Since we all had birthday parties to attend that night, we decided to set a time limit (since our last game lasted 8 hours). Beneath the Ginko owns the game which is lucky since it is almost impossible to get a hold of these days. I believe there are a few places out there where you can cobble together the game but that is quite a bit of work. The other attendee had played the game before informed us he had spent quite a bit of time thinking about his strategy and began to indulge in some quality trash talk. Everyone else was a newbie.  When it came time to form alliances, Trash Talk Boy announced that by pairing up with Ginko there would be no contest and they would crush the other three of us into dust. Oddly enough, that brought out my competitive streak so @imaginary_mark/Taracuda , Fred/@bckhough and I joined forces and by the time we were done, there were some outrageously awesome strategies being devised and, may I just say, I personally kick some fairly major ass.  My partners also had some truly inspired moment. Unfortunately, so did the other team. The final move was so close that it basically came down to having one slightly better card to play.  If you can get your hands on this game and have the patience to read several pages of instructions, I highly recommend trying this game.  I know we will be playing again. In case you are wondering, Daisy got lots of attention from the dog friendly crowd.

After the game, I headed over to my good friend Gone Mild's house for his 50th Birthday Bash. GM brews his own beer so it is always a treat to visit him. After that I headed out to Funky Town for my favorite girl's birthday party.  Funky Town was quite an adventure but I think I will leave that story for others to tell.  Happy Birthday this week to three of my favorite people!

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Anonymous said...

Daisy failed to inform me that she hit the 'attention' jackpot this past weekend! Thank you so much for letting her crash at your pad!