Sunday, April 11, 2010

My weekend

This weekend I tried to take it easy for a change. I am getting tired of running amock so all I had scheduled was a yoga class and a hair appointment. It was also time for that most dreaded of activities...mowing.  I will never understand the satisfaction that some people (men) derive from mowing and there is no use in explaining it to me.  The first mowing of spring was rife with new challenges this year. I was given an electric mower so a friend could purchase a new and improved model.  Mine plugs in so there was quite a learning curve trying to figure out how to keep the cord out of my way. You would think that years of vacuuming would have provided this knowledge, but no, I spent about half my time moving the cord around. On the plus side, starting it was a breeze. (By the end of the job I was so worn out my hairdresser took pity on me and came to my house to touch up my hair.)  This year was supposed to be the year that I purchased a new mower as my environmental improvement of the year. Instead I think it will be when I purchase or build or install a composting system of some kind.  I haven't done the research yet but will start working on it soon.

My big purchase was a tomato plant. This is not the first year I have attempted to plant something that would provide me a few fresh veggies. However, due to my being the only person in my neighborhood without a dog, this experiment has not gone well in the past. My plants usually last a week or so before they are murdered by either rabbits or squirrels. This year I am going to try a container plant that will come inside with me when I cannot protect it adequately. I don't actually have high hopes but I can't give up on the fresh vegetable idea quite yet.

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Global Librarian said...

Read a Smithsonian Magazine article that explained mens' love of mowing goes back to Caveman days. In order to Protect their Family, men would clear the area around the home to better see predators and enemies sneaking up on them.

The true need is gone, but the instinct remains in Modern Man.