Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday 7/14/2008

  • Got up and got ready for work.
  • Checked work, Twitter and personal email accounts on my Trio.
  • Marked email that needed attention.
  • 15 minute drive to work.
  • Got the deposit ready to go to the bank.
  • Worked on the list of customer holds that needed to be pulled.
  • Opened the branch.
  • Answered a customer email.
  • Sent out a message to staff about the importance of collecting accurate statistics.
  • Sent out self-evaluation questions to staff person to complete for upcoming evaluation.
  • Investigated an online book club management system and created an account, inviting a few of the current book club participants to join.
  • Worked on a staff evaluation.
  • Called downtown to get clarification on new statistics gathering system.
  • Worked the customer service desk for about an hour where I got to answer a Reader's Advisory question (yippy!) I also checked in and out books, answered a couple of basic reference questions.
  • Dealt with a customer disturbance issue and filed an incident report.
  • Worked on Notable Award list.
  • Ate a rather boring but nutritious lunch…hummus, carrots, peach…awhile skimming KC blogs, library and book blogs for interesting tidbits..
  • Worked on finding a second leader for the newly expanded Jewish Literature program, found and invited second book discussion leader.
  • Talked with staff about the proper way to structure an incident report.
  • Talked to an upset customer about overdue fines.
  • Had a staff "birthday cupcake" and a little social time.
  • Cleaned up a portion of the “Missing Book” printout.
  • Worked the customer service desk.
  • Wrote a blog post about the Jewish American Literature program.
  • Talked with Public Affairs about various promotional details for the program.
  • Dealt with three bike theft issues and wrote another incident report
  • Stopped at the grocery store, ran home and then headed downtown for a library program.
  • Listened to my smart librarian friend do a presentation and cheered wildly.
  • Got home at 9'ish, read a bit of a notable read and then went to bed.
I took these notes last Monday as part of The Day in the Life project first seen on the Librarian By Day blog.

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