Thursday, January 31, 2008

New committee members appointed

Next year's list of book award committee members has been announced and Nancy Pearl (the closest thing librarians have to a celebrity) is one of the newly appointed committee members. Until I was cautioned that I "shouldn't feel intimidated by her" it hadn't occurred to me to be intimidated. Anyway, for those of you non-librarian readers (which would be most of you), Nancy Pearl has written several books and more importantly, is the model for the librarian action figure. Yes, there is a librarian action figure and yes, I own one.

I just wish that the shushing action didn't make the action figure look quite so much like she was picking her nose.


Doc said...

the action figure is hilarious!


i meant to say, the action figure is a worthwhile representation of a noble calling.


; ' )

p.s. - meant that about the noble calling

A Librarian said...

I have come to the conclusion that it is very hard to make action figures look noble and dignified.

Doc said...

Instead of a wardrobe, try using a costume:

Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent were nominally unprepossing, but add a cape and a utility voila!, noble and dignified!

Of course, in the case of Wonder Woman, it is hard to beat being Princess Diana to begin with, but you take my larger point...

; ‘ )

A Librarian said...

Costumes only work if there are sparkly shoes involved:)