Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How I spent my non-Librarian time in Philadelphia - Reposted from my other Blog

This weekend I went to Philadelphia. Most of my time was spent in meeting with my book award committee but I thought I would entertain you with my touristy pictures. Most of them were taken on my phone at night but I got a couple good ones for ya.

No trip to Philadephia would be complete without a picture of the Liberty Bell. Apparently this is considered a very big terrorist target because there were security guards everywhere (at 11 at night) and when my friend stood on the wall I thought they were going to drag her away in chains.

This was the last stop after a wine and cheese reception at the Mutter Museum of College Physicians of Philadelphia. I loved this place.

The sign says "Why would you want a dried hand?"

If I remember right this was a "cutaway of the human body". Cool, huh? Sadly my syphilitic head and the wall of skulls would not download tonight but if asked nicely I might put them up in a future blog.

Interesting note: Before I went to the museum I was telling my book award committee members about my plans for the evening and three of them had gone the night before. They said that the museum had reminded them of me.


Spyder said...

NEVER in a million years did I ever think I would hear you say "my syphilitic head" LOL

Average Jane said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the Mutter Museum, but the one time I had the opportunity to go to Philadelphia, I had a scheduling conflict and couldn't go. Someday, though...

Maggie said...

Why oh Why didn't I go to the Mutter Museum! :D

A Librarian said...

It was good stuff!