Sunday, January 20, 2008


It's been a couple of days since Spyder tagged me but I finally have time to work on it so here is my quirk list...

The Rules:
a. list seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself
b. tag seven people to do the same
c. do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

My Quirks:
1. I owned and showed American Quarter Horses when I was younger. I have been bucked off, kicked, stepped on and bitten by horses and I still unconditionally love them, which I guess is proof that love is not rational.
2. I haven't watched TV in over two years although I still watch movies.
3. Every year when the Oscar nominees are announced I try to watch them all, even the documentary shorts. Some of my friends have pointed out that I am a wee bit obsessive about this.
4. I own two tiara's and I wear them at least once a year.
5. I have been to more than one shoe museum in my lifetime. What can I say, I really like shoes.
6. I keep my top friend list on myspace alphabetized and it makes me a little crazy when they change their name.
7. I like all kinds of music but I will love hard rock and metal forever.

And my tags are: Expat-Experience, Average Jane, Bea and her charming husband, Logtar, Kansas City Daily Photo, Well Hell Michelle and Keith (since Janet didn't post her's fast enough.)


Average Jane said...

Done! I love that you're a fellow metal-head. I'll have to bring my hard rock band's CD to a blogger meetup sometime.

Spyder said...

I have been stepped on, bitten & kind of bucked off too! All by a Shetland pony!

Kanga said...

I'm painting a buckskin colored horse for a samurai miniature right now. I'm having a little trouble with muzzle and hoof colors. Any recommendations?

Nuke said...

wow, a metal head librarian... I don't know how much cooler you can get!

A Librarian said...

The official muzzle/hoof color of buckskins, according to the AQHA, is that they have black points so muzzle, mane, tail and hoof color would all be black. There is a Red Dun color and the muzzle color would be the same as the body.

Kanga said...

Thanks for the buckskin color info. Black it is.

A Librarian said...

Anytime. After all, info is my life. By the way, don't let your wife be around Shetland ponies anymore. They seem to be out to get her:)

Spyder said...


Bea said...

I am really sorry it took me more than a week, but I finally did it. :-)