Sunday, November 26, 2006

Space Race: The Epic Battle Between America and the Soviet Union for Dominion of Space by Deborah Cadbury

Space Race is not a book that I would have picked up on my own but I really enjoyed it. Wernher von Braun was the scientist who was destined to find a way to take the USA to the moon. In spite of being a former Nazi with questionable knowledge of the human holocaust taking place around him, he became a star in the USA as he was praised, petted and feted by the press. Sergei Korolev toiled in obscurity for the USSR whose leaders had sent him to a Siberian prison, worked him hard enough to damage his health and contributed to the breakdown of his family.

The lives of the two dramatically illustrate the difference in the approach each government took to the race to get into space. Excellent, well written and surprisingly lively book about the great Space Race.

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