Monday, November 06, 2006

Angels Rest by Charles Davis

This is the story of a young man trying to make sense of the murder of his father, supposedly by his mother. Up until that point life had been more or less idyllic for Charlie York. A loving mother, a respected father who adores him and although not popular, Charlie has a few good friends he can count on.

All that changes after his mother is arrested. Left in the care of an elderly black man in a racist white town, he is tormented by classmates and hounded by adults. After Mr. Lacy is taken out, stripped down and forced to walk back to their house in freezing weather things go from bad to worse.

This was a beautifully written saga of small town Southern life and the coming of age of a boy facing difficult choices.

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Anonymous said...

This book really touched my heart. My own father was murdered 22 years ago and I could really relate to the character as he struggled to make sense out of something so senseless. A great story!