Thursday, November 02, 2006


You know, because I am on this book award committee, I have received almost all of the books on my post lists from the publishers. This used to be a great source of enjoyment for me. Kind of like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one and even better yet, it occured at least once a week. Now I am starting to become a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of books in my house and when a new box comes I don't think "oh goody, more books". Instead I think "Oh my god, where am I going to put these".

My goal has always been to stockpile enough books so that if I was stranded in my house for three months I would not face the possibility of running out. I had already achieved that goal before I started the committee and now I can safely say that if there is a disaster and I can't leave home (ignoring the utter lack of food in my house) I could stay there for a year, minimum, without running out of new reading material.

In less work intensive years I could easily do 40 - 50 books a month. You do the math:)

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