Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm a princess...

I haven't had anyone buy into this yet but I took the test and I am definitely a princess. (I get a sparkly tiara.)

Which Princess Are You?

1) Are you…
A) Fashion-forward?
B) Practical?
C) Feisty?

2) Do you love…
A) Jewels?
B) Having everything in order?
C) Adventures?

3) When you’re away from home, do you…
A) Miss your family?
B) Miss your pet?
C) Relish your freedom?

4) Are you…
A) Sensitive?
B) Business-minded?
C) Independent?

5) When your lady-in-waiting tries to dress you,
do you…
A) Thank her kindly?
B) Order her around?
C) Tell her you would rather dress yourself?

6) Do you believe in ghosts?
A) Yes. Anything is possible.
B) No. What you can’t see doesn’t exist.
C) It doesn’t matter either way, since ghosts aren’t scary.

If the tiara fits…wear it!
If you chose mostly A’s, you are Princess Alicia.
Put on your jeweled tiara!
If you chose mostly B’s, you are Princess Gundersnap.
Don your iron tiara!
If you chose mostly C’s, you are Princess Kristen.
Show off your tiara of gold-dipped antlers!


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