Tuesday, August 29, 2006

10 Places to See Before I Die

My friend Kaite says that my ramblings about my hair or my backsplash are her favorite posts. Since I haven't finished reading my latest book I need to ramble about something again tonight but am at a bit of a loss. Usually I do a music list but I am going steal from my friend Dan but instead of 10 things I want to do (cause that makes me tired right now), I am going to list 10 places I want to visit before I die.

1) Egyptian pyramids - This should be no surprise since I believe I have already shared my secret desire to be Indiana Jones (or at least his sidekick). The only problem that I can see with my "after retirement" career is that the last time I was in possession of a whip it was confiscated.

2) Great Barrier Reef - Hopefully I will get there before we do it in! (see Weathermakers post)

3) England (Bath and the British Museum) - Because bunches of Regency romances are set in Bath and the British Museum feeds my archaeology obsession. Now that I am getting into gardening I wouldn't mind going to the Chelsea Garden Show. Oh, let's just say pretty much everything in England and leave it at that.

4) Dracula's castle (Transylvania) - I love vampire movies, TV shows, books, etc... I don't think we need to analyze this to deeply.

5) Loch Ness (Scotland) - Hopefully I will see Nessie.

6) Minsk - Cause I like how the word Minsk sounds.

7) Vancouver (Canada) - Supposedly a great place to see the whales.

8) Oktoberfest (Germany) - Do I have to explain?

9) Tibet - Maybe I will find myself, or maybe not.

10) Casablanca - because it's Casablanca.

and of course, India, Japan, China......


Dan said...

Great post. I spent a semester in Bath, and it was wonderful. I've also been to Vancouver, but didn't go whale watching. Buchart Gardens, in nearby Victoria, was breathtaking.

One of my most overwhelming moments in life was walking into the room of Elgin Marbles in the British Museum.

Great post - made me think of places I want to go.

Alicia said...

I will do my best to think up other new and entertaining posts:)