Monday, January 11, 2010

Week One: Blogging AKA: Inventive Librarian Training

Some wonderfully inventive librarians have come up with their own spin on the original 23 Things concept. While I am fairly tech savvy, I am planning to participate in order to hone my skills and maybe even find a few new things. It's a Kansas Library project but they will let those of us who live or work out-of-state participate.

Take a look at Librarian, Erin Howerton, hosting the opening module: Blogging. 23 Things -

Stephen's Lighthouse has also provided a little history on the 23 Things project.


bck said...

So fun that you're participating, A!


edh said...

good job on your first post! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia,

your 23 Things Kansas entry says you're from "outside Kansas" (I am, too!) but your profile says Kansas City. I'm so confused???

Unlike you, this is my first attempt at blogging, and I find Blogger to be very difficult to work with. Any hints? Especially for logging in - I can log in with my Google account, but not with my lw23Things blog name. What am I missing?

LynneW in Ohio

A Librarian said...

Lynne, I work for the Kansas City Missouri Public Library so I am technically a Missouri librarian:-)

As far a logging in, I don't think I have ever tried to log in with anything other than my google username and password. I have been blogging a lot longer than I have been playing with 23 Things.

Other than that, what specific problems are you having with Blogger?