Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last Notable Commitee Meeting

I will be heading off to Boston soon to chair the meeting that will decide the Notable Books Council Award, a list of 25 very good, very readable, and at times very important fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books for the adult reader. This is a list that is used by librarians for collection development and by the public to discover quality new literature for the reading pleasure.

After four years of living and breathing this award (not to mention being buried in books) I will be attending my very last Notables committee meeting at the American Library Association Midwinter conference. While I am looking forward to more free time to read some light and frothy books, catch up on some movie watching, get in shape and spend more time with friends, I am also quite sad to see it end. It has been four years filled with discovering new authors, making new friends, talking nonstop about literature and finding that I do indeed know how to pick out extraordinary books.


Catherine VandeVelde said...

I've learned about so MANY awesome books via you being on this important committee. So, thank you!

Dinner soon is in order.

A Librarian said...

I doubt I will stop talking about books but I do plan on having a nice fluffy reading break for a while.