Monday, March 24, 2008

Neil Gaiman Readalikes

I pulled this off a library listserv to share with you since Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. These are books that other librarians thought were similar in tone, subject or style to his work.

If you haven't read his work try American Gods for free...

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Attanasio, A. A. - Twice Dead Things; Beastmarks
Barker, Clive - Great and Secret Show; Mister B. Gone; Abarat series
Black, Holly - Tithe; Ironside; Valiant (YA titles)
Blaylock, James - Land of Dreams; Last Coin; Night Relics; Winter Tides
Borges, Jorge Luis - The Aleph and other stories; Book of Sand
Brooks, Terry - Running with the Demon; Angel Fire East; A Knight of the Word
Brust, Steven
Bull, Emma - War for the Oaks
Card, Orson Scott - Enchanted
Carey, Mike - The Devil You Know; Lucifer graphic novel series
Carroll, Jonathan - The Land of Laughs; Bones of the Moon
Chabon, Michael - Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Chesterton, G.K. - The Man who was Thursday
Clarke, Susanna - Joanthan Strange and Mr. Norrell
Clarke, Susanna - The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other stories
Connolly, John - The Book of Lost Things
David, Peter Knight - Life; One Knight Only
Davidson, Avram - The Enquiries of Doctor Esterhazy; Marco Polo and the Sleeping Woman
De Lint, Charles
Dedman, Stephen - Art of Arrow Cutting; Shadows Bite
Dunsany, Lord - The Kind of Elfland's Daughter; The Charwoman's Shadow
Ellis, Warren - Crooked Little Vein
Ellison, Harlan - Deathbird Stories, Shatterday
Goldstein, Lisa - Dark Cities Underground; Walking the Labyrinth; Alchemist's Door
Gory, Edward - Gashlycrumb Tinies
Green, Simon R. - The Man with the Golden Torc
Gruber, Michael - The Witch's Boy Hamill, Pete Forever
Hand, Elizabeth - Black Light; Waking the Moon
Hubbard, Susan - Society of S
Hynes, James - The Lecturer's Tale
Jones , Diana Wynne - Howl's Moving Castle
Kiernan, Caitlin R.
Klages, Ellen - Portable Childhoods
Knight, Damon - Babel II; You're Another
Kotzwinkle, William - The Exile; The Hot Jazz Trio; Doctor Rat
Lafferty, R. A.
Lansdale, Joe R.
Lebbon, Tim
Leiber, Fritz - You're All Alone (aka The Sinful Ones)
Link, Kelly - Magic for Beginners; Stranger Things Happen
Maguire, Gregory - Wicked; Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister; Mirror, Mirror; Lost
McKinley, Robin - Sunshine Mieville, China King Rat; Un Lun Dun
Mignola, Mike and Christopher Golden - Baltimore, or the Steadfast Tin Soldier and the Vampire Millar, Martin - The Good Fairies of New York
Monette, Sarah - The Bone Key
Moore, Alan - Promethea
Moore, Christopher Lamb - Fluke; Practical Demon Keeping; Coyote Blue; A Dirty Job Morrison, Grant - Doom Patrol
Nelson, Ray/R. - Faraday Nelson
Newman, Kim Anno - Dracula
Oates, Joyce Carol - Zombie
O'Leary, Patrick - The Impossible Bird
Pollock, Rachel
Powers, Tim - The Anubis Gates; On Stranger Tides; Declare
Pratchett, Terry - Good Omens
Pratt, Tim - The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl; Hart & Boot and other stories
Rankin, Robert - The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse
Redd, David
Russ, Joanna - The Adventures of Alyx
Sedia, Ekaterina - The Secret History of Moscow
Shepard, Lucius
Stross, Charles - The Atrocity Archives
Vance, Jack - The Dying Earth; The Eyes of the Overworld
Vaughn, Brian - K. Y: The Last Man
Wilhelm, Kate - Death Qualified
Willingham, Bill - Fables graphic novel series
Wrede, Patricia - Sorcery and Cecilia: or, the Enchanted Chocolate Pot
Zelazny, Roger

From the Fiction_L listserv


Nuke said...

Finally read New Gods last year. I have no idea why I never did before, as I have heard nothing but good things.

I have read a lot of the authors on this list, but surprisingly not the particular books listed (well except Crooked Little Vein lol).

Anyway, thanks for the list. It has a lot of potential!

Spyder said...

Hmmm May have to see if any are in audio books (CD)