Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Oscars - Repost from myspace blog

This weekend was movie weekend...well, except for Friday night when I won free tickets to the Mystery Train Dinner Theater. Fun, free and tasty...All that and Janet for company! How much better can an evening get?

On Saturday, bunches of people flocked to AMC theaters to watch all of the Oscar Best Picture nominees. And yes, that is a whopping 12 hours of movie watching. My least favorite movie was a tie between Michael Clayton and If There Be Blood. They were "egh" movies, not horrible, but not fabulous. I liked Atonement, especially the cinematography. There were some incredibly beautiful shots and a truly great sex scene, oddly enough with no nudity.

Juno was my happy movie and boy, did I need it after those three movies. I loved it and would sit through it again. The last was No Country For Old Men. Wow! It really had one of the best psycho hit-men I can remember seeing in a while. When I was driving home from the theater I kept looking at the people in other cars to see if there were any psycho hit-men/killers driving by. The ending was a tad weak but I really liked this move and NEVER want to see it again. It creeped me out big time! If it weren't for the fact that I was then traumatized by reading gonemild's blog entry when I got home that night, it would have been a perfect day.

Sunday was tiara day...ok, it was actually my Oscar/Kaite's Birthday month party but much tiara wearing occurred. See...

I even had a few brave boys venture out with their ladies to attend. Well, it may not have just been the thrill of being with Ms Spyder but the lure of free books that got Kanga to a tiara wearing party. We trashed gowns, kept my friend Sheryl (from the librarian friend pool) busy making every flavor of martini known to man AND we had birthday cake. I didn't do very well guessing which movies would win but I had to many martinis to care. Ahhh, martinis and movies...does life get any better than this?


Spyder said...

We had a great time!

Kanga said...

And just so your readership is clear, I was not in on the whole tiara-wearing thing...until we got home... Kidding.