Friday, February 08, 2008


Asylum's Top 10 Occupations Inaccurately Associated With Sexiness

What to guess who appears on the list? My question is, how did they collect this data. Did they approach each and every librarian with a suitably hot guy and see how they reacted or are they just guessing? Just wondering because I cannot ever recall choosing a date based on his understanding of the Dewey Decimal system.


Doc said...

i was a snotty little 10 year old, lo these many moons ago, reading john d macdonald as though my miniature pair had already dropped.

the 'library lady' was checking out 'a nightmare in pink' for me when she stopped without a word, got up and snaked into the stacks. back she strides with a slender book and adds it to my pile.

later that night i read about a man who had 'halitosis of the soul' and realized for the first time that librarians were pretty hot...

Nuke said...

Smart is hot. A girl may get my eye by being striking in the generally accepted sense. But she gets my time by being smart and funny.

I am sure there are librarians who aren't (just like in every group), but the ones I remember are.