Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost Back to the Reading

We have just compiled our first list of Notable Books Council suggestions for the upcoming year. Because I am the vice-chair of the committee this year I have the added responsibility of trying to make sure that "significant" titles do not get overlooked. Therefore, my suggestion list for February had 18 titles on it. I sincerely hope every month doesn't look like that or I will have no life this year (as opposed to the last two years when I would have brief glimpses of life from time-to-time).

Instead of starting on my self-imposed reading assignments I have instead been working my way through the Jim Butcher Dresden series. The Dresden series is set in Chicago and features wizard Harry Dresden and has been turned into a TV series on the Sci-Fi Channel. For once, I am not merely procrastinating but instead have a valid, work-related reason for reading his books. We (and by that I mean the Public Affairs department) are talking with him about visiting Kansas City and appearing at my branch to kick off our Mystery Author series, not to mention his newest novel. Of course, with a publicist and agent involved, negotiations are still in progress but I am optimistic enough that I have ordered his complete set of mysteries for the branch and am now working my way through them.

1 comment:

Nuke said...

Oh oh oh, do please get him, because the last time he was in town I found out the day after.

I really like the mix of supernatural with the mystery (some in this genre go to far either way). It's a very entertaining series, and since I mostly read for entertainment that works out well.

Glad you are reading them, and not judging by the TV show. It was better than a lot of SciFi's shows but still kind of "meh".