Thursday, March 22, 2007

Being A Librarian

The library profession is such an interesting field to get into. In the past week I have gone to a hip/hop gathering, a neighborhood business association meeting, a rotary club meeting and a young friends of the library (20 - 40) book discussion group. I have talked about graffiti and hip/hop artists, literary fiction, local politics and international service projects. Where else can you get that variety of experience and such a wealth of potential new friends?

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Corey Redekop said...

Dear "A Librarian":

I tried to email this, but it bounced back.
I came across your blog, and I am intrigued by your work with the ALA Notable Book Council. Like you, I am a librarian (, as well as a professional book reviewer and novelist. I was wondering how it was you got on the Council, and if they ever accept Canadian applications.

Yours truly,

Corey Redekop
Author of Shelf Monkey, a 2007 release, published by ECW Press