Monday, July 17, 2006

La Perdida by Jessica Abel

La Perdida by Jessica Abel is an amazing graphic novel about Carla, a biracial American, who travels to Mexico to seek to understand the father she has never met. She ends up becoming disillusioned with her boyfriend and his idea of how to live the expatriate life and leaves him to seek out a more "authentic" experience. Falling in with a crowd of disaffected young men who quickly become petty and not-so-petty criminals, Carla is swept into a lifestyle that becomes more and more uncomfortable until she finally discovers she is in over her head. The author's characterization and dialog are dead on and her artwork is evocative, making this wonderful example of the search for roots a pleasure to read.

I would like to get a few more opinions from those of you who are reading along with me before I recommend this. Contact me at work or post a comment here with your opinions.

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