Monday, July 03, 2006

Company: A Novel

This book got taken off my list while I was in the middle of it but I enjoyed the book so much that I went ahead and finished it. Company: A Novel by Max Barry is a satirized of big business. "Jones", a newly hired employee, just out of college goes to work for Zepheyr. When he discovers that his job is to sell training packages to other internal departments he quickly realizes that none of his colleagues know what the company does. As his quest picks up speed he quickly realizes that things are even more bizarre than he thought. The humor in this book is immediately recognizable to anyone who has ever worked in an organization with a bureaucracy.

Have a great 4th of July! I need to make something for a 4th of July party tomorrow. I am in the mood to make scones but they don't sound very patriotic. Maybe I should make my famous (or maybe not so famous) squash casserole.

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