Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Year of Skippyjon Jones

When I picked Skippyjon Jones up last year at 8 weeks old I should have known I was doomed. Apart from the extreme cuteness factor, he immediately imprinted on me and wouldn't even go back to say goodbye to the lovely gentleman who bottle fed his litter until they were ready to be weaned. The rescue organization is guessing his birthday was October 18th so I thought I would do a year of Skippyjon Jones montage.

Although he is now almost full grown at twelve pounds, he is still crazy cute and probably the most personable cat I have ever owned. While he likes the big cats, he loves people and follows us around chatting all the time, begging us to play fetch or looking out the window guarding us from invaders. 


Keith Sader said...

I think I'd like to take the credit for naming him - well myself and Average_Jane

Catherine V said...

Ah, he's all grown up! The last time I saw him was at your house for the Oscars!

A Librarian said...

Yes. But by naming him I had to keep him. Haven't you ever heard of the name rule?

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