Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Help with Horror!

I am trying to pull together a list of good examples of novels for all of the horror sub-genres. Below is the list of sub-genres I have pulled from different websites. Anyone have suggestions for additional sub-genres or for the "perfect" novel for one or more of the categories?

  1. Adrenaline                                                                            John Saul
  2. Adventure                                            Blood Oath              Christopher Farnsworth
  3. African-American                                Minion                     L.A. Banks   
  4. Alternate History                          World War Z                                          Max Brooks
  5. American Gothic/Surreal Horror
  6. Apocalyptic                                          The Passage           Justin Cronin 
  7. Biography/Memoir                      The Lighthouse at the End of the World -Stephen Marlowe
  8. Chick-lit                                              
  9. Christian/Inspirational                                 
  10. Classic                                                 The Tell-Tale Heart         Edgar Allan Poe  
  11. Contemporary                                    
  12. Creepy Kids                            Something Wicked This Way Comes - Bradbury
  13. Crime                                                  
  14. Cross/Multi-Genre
  15. Cutting Edge                                        Purity                     Dougless Clegg
  16. English Gothic/Haunted Houses       The Haunting of Hill House      Shirley Jackson
  17. Erotic                                                   Dark Seductions         Alfonsi and Scognamiglio
  18. Dark Fantasy
  19. Dark Fiction                                        
  20. Fabulist                                                Islands                                          Sara Stamey
  21. Ghost Stories                                       Ghost Story                                  Peter Straub
  22. Graphic                                                Start with the Feast             Graham Masterson
  23. Historical                                             Those Who Hunt the Night      Barbara Hambly
  24. History
  25. Humor                                                  Suck                                 Christopher Moore
  26. Hauntings                                            The Amityville Horror                Jay Anson       
  27. Inspirational                                         Monster                                        Frank Peretti
  28. Literary                                                House of Leaves                 Mark Z Danielewski
  29. LGBT                                                   Lost Souls                                    Poppy Z. Brite
  30. Lovecraftian                                        The Call of Cthulhu                 H.P. Lovecraft
  31. Medical                                                Coma                                               Robin Cook
  32. Mind Control                                        Donovan’s Brain                          Curt Siodmak
  33. Monsters                                              Frankenstein                               Mary Shelley
  34. Multicultural                                         The Ring                                          Koji Suzuki
  35. Mystery                                                                                                    F. Paul Wilson
  36. Natural History                                     The Fog                             James Herbert
  37. Noir                                                      The Midnight Road                         Tom Piccirilli
  38. Nonfiction                                           
  39. Paranormal                                                     
  40. Plays                                                   
  41. Poetry                                                  Sharp Teeth                                   Toby Barlow 
  42. Psychological                                     Heart-Shaped Box                                 Joe Hill
  43. Quirky                                                 
  44. Rampant Animals                               Cujo                                              Stephen King
  45. Rampant Technology                          Dead Lines                                       Greg Bear
  46. Romance                                              Prince of Wolves                     Susan Krinard  
  47. Saga                                                      Interview with a Vampire             Anne Rice
  48. Satanic Bargins                                   The Picture of Dorian Gray            Oscar Wilde
  49. Science Fiction                                    Infected                     Scott Sigler
  50. Soft/Quiet                                                                                              Charles L Grant
  51. Splatterpunk/Extreme                           The Drive-In                             Joe Lansdale 
  52. Steampunk                                                              
  53. Supernatural                                        I Am Legend                        Richard Matheson 
  54. Time Travel                                                 
  55. True Crime                                                                                                   John Farris
  56. Urban Fantasy                                      Storm Front                           Jim Butcher      
  57. Werewolf                                              St Peter’s Wolf                       Michael Cadnum
  58. Western                                               
  59. Women’s Lives                                    Bitten                           Kelley Armstrong            
  60. Young Adult                                         Monstrumologist                        Richard Yancy


Terri B. said...

I read "The Haunting of Hill House" last October. Creeped me out! Also a bit head bending since it is a psychological horror novel.

Terri B. said...

... which I see is already on your list!

A Librarian said...

I had it on Psychological horror at first and then moved it to Haunted House Horror. So many genres!

Dee on the farm said...

For Creepy Kids: Children of the Corn short story by Stephen King. Creepy!

Anonymous said...

For chick-lit horror, I would suggest the MaryJanice Davidson "Undead" books.