Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One last reminder about the Darfur events

One day I didn't know anything about this and the next it is all I seem to hear about. The news is full of reports of peacekeepers being killed, atrocities that make me cry when I hear them and statistics on the dead that are beyond my comprehension. My mind cannot seem to accept the reality of it. Darfur is the first genocide that people around the world have been aware of as it is happening. This seems unacceptable to me. If those of us who can stand up and protest don't, we are contributing to the problem.

These weekend, on Sunday, April 29th there will be a rally at the JC Nichols fountain on the Plaza. You can make reservations that show you will be attending at (if you can't make that one there will be one on the Friday night, April 27th). The following week The Format will be giving a benefit concert at the Beaumont club. I will be at the Sunday rally and (hopefully) the concert. I hope to see some of you there. If you can't attend any of it please at the very least, go to the page and sign the petition or contact your elected officals to ask for their support.

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