Thursday, April 19, 2007

Liberty Memorial Tour

On Tuesday, I took my group from India to the Liberty Memorial Museum. The last time I was there was several years ago and I remember Carl taking us around explaining his vision for the museum and showing us huge piles of artifacts. He also told us how much he thought it might cost and so, given how slowly we move in Kansas City, I thought it would be decades before it was done.

I have to admit he pulled it off. It was awesome. If you have any interest at all in history I highly recommend visiting when you are in Kansas City. It is well worth the trip. For a mini tour and more information about the exhibits go to and take a look. WWI was the most historically significant war of our decade and impacted every other war, as well as other major historical events. For history buffs, it is essential to learn more about this war and its impact on our world.

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