Thursday, February 08, 2007

Staff Day Assignment

As a staff day assignment I had to go create a Runescape account and play the game. I know you are wondering why this should be a staff mandated activity. Luckily I am here to tell you. It is because 1) it is a popular computer game, 2) the library has computers and therefore staff are called upon to help solve computer related issues such as how to find the game.

Sadly, I ended up doing this from home because I couldn't carve out enough time during the day to get it done. Anyway, I created my character (she is very purple) and proceeded to play the game. I lasted about 20 minutes or so. I don't tend to get addicted to games because once I get the general idea I get bored. I like the idea of role playing and world building, after all, on my myspace account I go by the title Princess of the Universe, but somehow it all takes to long. I want to have a game that I just think the commands and it happens. Then I could have some fun. I just can't make my fingers move as fast as my brain wants to go. Someday I am sure it will all be possible:)

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