Thursday, February 15, 2007

The New Job: An Update

I spent a very large part of today unpacking, answering email and tying up loose ends from my old job so I can't report on much about my new job except to say that everyone seems happy I am there. Toward the end of the day I got the worlds worst headache probably as a result of all the tension (and weather fluctuations). Apart from that it was a very good day. This morning my old job sent me another huge flower arrangement at work to celebrate. Then tonight I had the celebratory wine tasting event with some old friends and a couple of new ones. One friend may be scoring KU basketball tickets for Saturday so I may get to go. Woo Hoo!

Another friend and I call him our back up date. His girlfriend is on the east coast doing a medical rotation and he likes doing everything from wine tastings to concerts so she and I are always dragging him off to something or other. Next month he and I are off to the My Chemical Romance concert and he told me to send him my concert wish list and he would pick out some more to go to. Sadly he is thinking of taking a job on the East coast this summer for 2 years. Every time I find a good concert buddy they move to places like Switzerland and Philadelphia.

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harry said...

Glad to know your first day went well! Other than the headache of course.