Monday, October 16, 2006

A question (Duplicated on MySpace)

Librarians (and former librarians): Please contact me directly instead of posting comments. I am more interested in library customer’s opinions right now. Thank you.

At work I am taking a look at new technologies, formats, etc...that promote or provide alternative access to books. What does everyone think about book trailers? Would this "commercial" entice you to pick up a book (assuming that the genre was something that interested you)?

How would you feel about having them playing (most of them have very little or no sound) in a library or posted on a library webpage.

Here are some examples:


Dan said...

I think it would be fantastic! Think about how enthusiastically we seek out books that a friend recommends, simply because out of the thousands of potential titles to read, we know something about them. It's just a way of making book reviews more engaging.

A Librarian said...

Thank you for commenting on this. I always am thinking like a librarian instead of a customer so it is good to have input.