Monday, October 02, 2006

Bad librarian

I am a bad librarian. I still haven't finished a book. Personally I blame other people and mowing. (I have been told that my yard is not that big and mowing is no big deal but it is so!)

My next door neighbor's gentleman friend was going to bring me some straw bales so I did put some scarecrows out yesterday. Hopefully the bales get here soon so one of my scarecrows doesn't look like his head is suspended a couple of feet in the air above his body. That sounds much scarier than it looks. Pretty much just looks dorky.

I have been browsing amazon looking at Halloween costumes. Since my friend Brent won't get the Jack Sparrow costume I can't dress up as a pirate wench. I did see a nice Marilyn Monroe costume but I hate having to remember to talk like her all evening. If I absolutely can't decide I can always dig out the witch, nun or Lady Godiva costumes. It is always good to have a standby. I wish I could find a good Xena: Warrior Princess costume. I love Xena (no, not like that!)

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