Saturday, June 24, 2006

Never Drank The Kool-Aid

As I read the book, Never Drank The Kool-Aid by Toure I thought about how much my ex boyfriend would have liked this book. To my surprise since this isn't my type of music I really enjoyed it. This is (in general) essays and interviews by Toure that explore the Hip-hop generation. Two that were particularly good were I'm Scared To Death But I Gotta Live about the life of Biggie Smalls and an essay The Five Mic Personality, or Why I Hate Mary J. Blige.

I read this on the plane on the way to New Orleans for the ALA conference and would have loved to read this at home where I could have played the music being talked about. The author has a genuine interest in and affection for the hip-hop artist but never completely buys into the hype. There are a few essays that don't fit in with the rest and this weakens the collection but it was a highly enjoyable read.

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