Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Intuition and Love Burns...

After all of the nice weather I had to take a little break to do some gardening. Unfortunately I am getting behind on my reading so last weekend I sat down and read two in a row. The first, Intuition by Allegra Goodman, is a lovely novel set in the world of scientific research. In this world a scientific breakthrough can produce years of funding for entire labs. When postdoc Cliff starts to record promising results for a new cancer virus, the entire lab is impacted. As one lab director rushes to publicized the results, others council caution. When another researcher starts to question the results the lab "family" begins to disintegrate.

Love Burns by Edna Mazya is a first novel by this award winning Israeli playwrite and was a compelling look at what happens when an obsessive love leads to murder. I found the Israeli setting particularly interesting. This was an enjoyable read.

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Anonymous said...

I found Intuition to be an absolutely fascinationg book when I first started reading it: the personalities of the researchers were quite vivid and I was intrigued by the scientific processes involved in trying to find a cure for cancer.

But by the end, I had the vague feeling the author was writing for a movie and I was a bit disappointed with what seemed to be a rushed ending.