Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another kitten post....

I was going to try not to blog about the kittens very often but what the heck, they are cute and they make me smile.

Anyway, one of my duties is to name my little foster kittens.  Since the calico is a Hemingway kitten I was thinking that she should have a Hemingway related name. She is a really feisty little thing and she plays so much I am having trouble getting her to put on weight. She is also super cuddly and bendy. When the kittens play, every so often she has to run over to me to get petted or cuddled before she goes back out to play some more. She also is the one who is constantly checking to see what I am doing and is into everything. Since the kittens first adoption event is Friday I can't do my usual and wait for the kittens to tell me what their name is. Below are some of the possible choices. Feedback or other alternatives are welcomed.

Hemingway’s Women:
Hadley Richardson – 1st wife
Pauline Pfeiffer; - 2nd wife
Martha Gellhorn – 3rd wife
Mary Welsh Hemingway – 4th wife
Grace Hall-Hemingway – his mother
Agnes von Kurowsky – first love who jilted him
Lady Brett Ashley – character in The Sun Also Rises
Margot Macomber – character in The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
Catherine Barkley - character in A Farewell to Arms
Maria - character in For Whom the Bell Tolls
Pilar – his boat

Emily Dickinson
Simone De Beauvoir
Nikki Adams
Audrey Hepburn
Joan Crawford
Gertrude Stein
Sofia Loren

Since the rescue group is treating these two like siblings, they want me to name them either something related or something that starts with the same letter. I thought of naming the little male cat Ernest Hemingway but he is so laid back (well, laid back for a kitten) that I am not sure Hemingway fits him. He is also a bit more independent and willing to be on his own than the female is. He also is a purring machine.

Hemingway characters:
Jacob Barnes - character in The Sun Also Rises
Santiago - character in The Old Man and the Sea
Lieutenant Frederic Henry - character in A Farewell To Arms
Robert Jordan - character in For Whom the Bell Tolls
Hemingway cats:
Hairy Truman
Archibald MacLeish
Spencer Tracy
Pablo Picasso
Charley Chaplin


Catherine V said...

I vote for Henry and Hadley!

Tara said...

I still can't believe that you didn't want my suggestions.....

A Librarian said...

Tara, your suggestions weren't so good:-P We weren't supposed to be showing contempt for Hemingway, just naming cute kittens.

A Librarian said...

Official names are Hadley and Hemi (short for Hemi)

Dan said...

Hemi is short for Hemi?

I would gone for Margot - she was certainly into everything! But the names you chose are certainly excellent.