Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Week!

So much fun in my life these days that I don't know how to catch you all up, but luckily my bloggy friends have taken care of that for me.  See here and here.

I have also been in a reading frenzy lately.  Five books last Saturday for a new personal best!  Here is a quick and dirty rundown.

I Am Not A Serial Killer (John Cleaver)I Am Not A Serial Killer by Dan Wells - John Wayne Cleaver is certain he is destined to become a serial killer. After all, how else do you explain his name? Or the fact that he doesn't understand empathy and thinks about killing, a lot?  Still, he doesn't particularly want to become a killer so he develops rules for himself. For example, when he finds himself stalking someone, he has to ignore them for a whole week.  When someone makes him angry, he compliments them.  These tricks seem to be working until a series of gruesome murders suggest he is not alone and John decides to let his own monster come out to play. Supernatural elements and unexpected plot twists keep you enthralled throughout this clever novel.  This has a Dexter feel when reading it but the supernatural elements make this very different book.

WWW: WatchWWW: Watch by Robert J. Sawyer - When Caitlin Decter was fifteen years old she underwent an experimental treatment enabling her to see the world for the first time. With vision also comes an uncanny ability to also see World Wide Web space and something new and extraordinary, a new sentient entity Caitlin decides to call Webmind.  As Webmind grows and develops, Caitlin enlists the help of her parents and doctor to help it learn about ethics and empathy. But a government group called WATCH has also discovered Webmind and now it is up to Caitlin to help Webmind save himself from destruction. This was a thought provoking look at the origin of consciousness.  Plus, anyone who quotes Verner Vinge is tops in my book. I did not read the first in the series since I am focusing on books published this year and it all made sense to me but other reviewers recommend reading them in order.  WWW: Wake is book number one in the trilogy.

The Parisian Prodigal: A Fools' Guild Mystery (Fools' Guild Mysteries)Parisian Prodigal by Alan Gordon - Set in 1205, this was a very witty, historical novel.  Theophilos the fool and his lovely wife investigate the murder of a prostitute by the long lost brother of the Count.  I loved the historical detail in this mystery novel and the Fool's Guild was particularly fascinating.  This is part of a series but I thought it could stand alone easily.

The Tale of Halcyon Crane: A NovelThe Tale of Halcyon Crane by Wendy Webb - A Gothic romance that was interesting but I would have liked to feel a bit more dread when reading it. It just wasn't quite "spooky" enough.

The Resurectionist by Wrath James White - There was lots and lots of gore in this one which is a plus for the Horror genre but it just wasn't very well written.

Darkness on the Edge of TownDarkness on the Edge of Town by Brian Keene - I like apocalyptic type books so I actually liked this one quite a bit but there just wasn't enough terror to make it truly horrifying.

The Mage in Black by Jaye Wells - I usually like urban fantasy but could not get past the repeated references to killing magical beings with "the forbidden fruit". (apple wood, apple juice, etc...) Am I the only one that finds this giggle worthy?

Gardens of the SunGardens of the Sun by Paul McAuley - This one was pretty good with genetic engineering, space travel, murders, war, in short, everything a good SF novel needs but it just lacked that something special that keeps me up reading until 2 am.

Return of the Crimson Guard by Ian C Esslemont - Definitely not a stand alone.  I read about 100 pages and still didn't know what was going on.  It gets glowing reviews though so I am going to have to go back and read the first one when my committee is over.

Whip ItWhip It - I can't say I loved this movie and would watch it over and over again but I was entertained by it. Instead of the beauty pageant route, the main character longs to be in the Roller Derby. Lying about her age she joins and finds she has an aptitude for it. It is a girl following her dream story with the requisite best friend conflict and love interest with issues.


Average Jane said...

Ooh, I'd like to borrow the serial killer book. Sounds like my kind of read.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Thanks so much for sharing these - I hadn't heard of the serial killer one but I think it would be an interesting read.

A Librarian said...

Will do. I read a lot of horror the last couple of weeks and found some good ones.